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Q Ditching With The MD80

Tue Apr 04, 2006 3:45 am

Hi all, I know that we have lots of flight-attendants in thisd forum as well as technicans...

Sop I would like to start a simple questions! Is there any rule from FAA/McDonnell Douglas how to evacute o/w-exits on a MD80 in case of ditching??

I flew on NW Dc-9 and talked to the crew and they told me, during ditching to jump forwards of the wings (in direction to the cockpit) into the water- as the a/c is very heavy at the back, sinking easily...

Now I flew again on the MD80 and was again sitting at the o/w-exits and the safety instruction this time pointed out, ONLY to slide to the back of the wings (in direction to the engines)- like the ground evacuation...

Is both correct?? Now I am totally confused...  Confused
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RE: Q Ditching With The MD80

Tue Apr 04, 2006 5:55 am

The MD-80 is less tail heavy than the DC-9s due to the longer length, especially when loaded.