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A Bit Of Aviation History...Cape Verde Transat

Wed Apr 05, 2006 2:19 am

Does anyone know whee I can get some reliable info on the first REGULAR pax and mail services between Europe, especially Italy, and N. and S. America?

LH started pretty early I know.

Pan Am inaugurated the first transatlantic service, 28 June 1938.

I'm a bit confused on S. America. Ala Littoria (later reincorporated as LATI on this route) started flying to S. America on 20 March 1938, using hydroplanes, on the route: Rome-Cagliari- Bathurst (Gambia)-Bahia-Rio de Janeiro-Buenos Aires.

However the Cape Verde country infopages ( state that from 17 October 1939 transatlantic postal air services started between Italy and S.America, stopping in Cape Verde on the way, using aeroplanes which couldn't land on water for the first time in a regular transatlantic service. The airline was Ala Littoria. Does anyone know about this, or anything about Ala Littoria?

Confused, I await the help of those in the know.