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Can Anyone From DL Help With This?

Mon Apr 10, 2006 5:52 am

here's the situation:
-A friend of mine bought a r/t revenue e-ticket from JFK-FLL, (maybe it was MIA)
-She also works for an airline and, after buying the ticket for personal use she was being sent to FLL for a meeting.
-She cancelled her revenue ticket reservation
-She was issued a positive space e-ticket on DL for the journey
-Upon her check in for her return (FLL-JFK) there was an issue with her positive space e-ticket.
-The agent "uplifted" her revenue e-ticket coupon FLL-JFK and not her positive space e-ticket.
-She now has a revenue e-ticket that shows partially used, when none of it should have been used.
-She'd like to get the appropriate credit for the entire ticket but has been unable to do so.
-She's contacted reservations; been to LGA; etc but to no avail.

Can anyone advise what she can do? Or, who she should speak with?

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