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Airbus A3XX Supervisory Board Meeting News

Sat Jun 10, 2000 6:43 am

Next meeting of the Airbussupervisory board is on 15th of June in Toulouse. This will come after the German-French summit meeting and the BAE supervisory board meeting this weekend.

There are rumours that that Lionel Jospin and Gerhard Schroeder have freed their plans for a trip to Toulouse on the 15th of June.

More in French:http://www.ladepeche.com/aff_art.asp?Ref=20000609007&Rub=eco

Could this be the one when they launch the A3XX?  

Jeremiah Teahan

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Airbus A3XX Thrust

Sat Jun 10, 2000 6:56 am

What would be the thrust requirement for that absolutley massive contraption ?