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Egyptian 737 Flash Air Accident

Sat Apr 15, 2006 3:29 am

And so after two years of "investigation" Egyptians released their report. No solid reason is given for the accident but they list a few 'possibilities' - all blaming aircraft systems. Both French (BEA or BAE - I forgot) and USA's NTSB discount all those 'possibilities' as incompatible with the data recorderd by the black boxes. They claim that captain's spatial disorientation with 25-year old copilot's inaction lead to the accident (the accident happened before sunrise and over water - apparently typical scenario for pilots loosing their orientation - ala JFK's junior's). Poor cockpit management skills are also blamed for the fact that one pilot did not know what the other was doing. By the way none of the hypothetical technical malfunctions listed by Egyptians would make the aircraft uncontrollable. Anyway, I read a very good editorial article on the subject in the recent Aviation Week & Space Technology. The european author is admonishing Egyptians for their inability to face the truth.

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