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Security Aviation Gets Most Of Their L-39's Back

Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:16 pm

Just wanted to update the on-going saga of Security Aviation out of Anchorage Alaska.

For those of you who don't know about them here is the quick and dirty background.

1. A L-39 crashes at Ketchikan killing it's pilot. It appears that the pilot-who worked for the customs service, but freelances out flying services might have been repossessing it at the time. There are allegations that it was stolen from the Palmer airport by the dead pilot flashing his customs credentials. The aircraft had been or was in the process of being aquired by Security Aviation for goverment training work.

2. A major federal raid occurs at Security Aviation and several other buisnesses owned by a former prosecuter, Mark Avery. In the course of those raids two rocket pods for L-39's are recovered and a Security employee Robert Kane is arrested. He was reported to have 20K in cash at his house. 8 L39 jet aircraft are seized. There are allegations that the company Security Aviation where buying the jets from had not provided technical documentation for the planes and that they where not airworthy.

3. Security Aviation and Kane are indicted on weapons charges. Kane is eventually able to post $200,000 in bond money to bail out. His wife is now under investigation for immigration violation when she moved to Alaska with Kane from the Phillipines. Also the newspapers began making a lot of milage with Kanes instance in privacy, only getting his 20K a month salery in cash, a real estate company owned by Avery providing his house and not wanting his photo taken ect. There are rumors of Kane's involvement in an early 1990's fatal armed car robbery. The Anchorage Daily News also runs a story that paints a picture of secret comparments in GIII aircraft the company owns.

4. Another story appears in the paper links Avery to a trust fund owned by a little old lady with Alzehimers. The story appears to make the claim that Avery was being investaged by the feds for raiding that fund in order to finance several of his buisness aquisitions including Security Aviation and the old FS Air Hanger at Anchorage International Airport where the company is now located.

Well here is the update......Security Aviation has gotten 6 of their L-39's back from the feds. Trial date for for Kane and Security Aviation will be May 15th and next week with be a mass of evidentary hearings where Kane's lawyers (A who's who'e of the Alaska Bar) will try to get as much evidence supressed as possbile. Kanes wife also reportedly is facing a deportation hearing.


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