Turkish Airlines

Tue Feb 16, 1999 1:41 pm

What have peoples experiances been on Turkish Airliners?

RE: Turkish Airlines

Tue Feb 16, 1999 7:07 pm

i flew with them a year ago from tel aviv to dalman(both ways).
the plane was a310-200,the service was o.k not more.
only problem was at the turkish airport.1) i asked to sit together
with my wife -we got separate places and had to change them before we go on board.
2) before boarding al the luggage was displayd on the tarmac and
we had to point our sutcase before it was carried to the plane
.in a very hard rain.
3)the counter at dalman airport was VERY!!! crouded we stood in
line for a long time.
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RE: Turkish Airlines

Tue Feb 16, 1999 7:59 pm

I have't flown Turkish , but I've experienced all of the above when flying to London from Nairobi with BA and from NBO to JNB with South African; the counters were full (there were no separate counters for First and Club World); my seat allocation was changed 3 times, and we also had to identify luggage on the tarmac before boarding the plane (although I enjoyed the experience of being so close to a 744), and all this with "the world's favourite airline". Mmmm.........
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RE: Turkish Airlines

Tue Feb 16, 1999 8:03 pm

I would rather identify my baggage on the tarmac than have the aircraft blow
up enroute. regardless of the airline involved, Wouldn't you?

RE: Turkish Airlines

Tue Feb 16, 1999 9:27 pm

man had walked on the moon 30 years ago can't we find
a better way of insuring the safty of the flight then that.
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RE: Turkish Airlines

Wed Feb 17, 1999 10:30 am

In 1967 I flew on a Turkish DC-7B from Frankfurt to Vienna. I thoroughly enjoyed the lightly loaded flight. I had three seats all to myself across from the galley, which was also the main cabin entrance, which is behind the wing on the DC-7. I had a nice turkey dinner. After the dinner trays were picked up, a female flight attendant walking by winked at me and walked toward the rear of the cabin. I stood up and looked back there and saw her and a male flight attendant in one of the back rows making out. No passengers were seated back there, so they saw their opportunity.

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RE: Turkish Airlines

Thu Feb 18, 1999 8:17 am

I flew on THY-Turkish Airlines many years ago.
The plane was a Boeing 727-200ADV from Istanbul to Cairo. It was not a very memorable experience but it remains the only time I ever boarded a Boeing 727 and that made up for all the other shortcomings the airline displayed to every passenger on that flight. Their "could not care less" attitude was was obvious from Istanbul all the way to Cairo.