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Ybbn To Get New Runway?

Tue Apr 18, 2006 11:35 pm

A headline just hit me in the face this evening and thought I'd look more into it. Low and behold YBBN is looking at getting an additional and parallel runway up and running by 2015, increasing the size, and flights to and from, the airport.

Key features of the proposed New Parallel Runway project are:

  • Construct 3,600 metres of runway two kilometres west of the existing runway and located as close as possible to Moreton Bay.

  • A two-kilometre separation between the existing runway and the new parallel runway to optimise safety and maximise the use of the runway operational mode that will allow planes to arrive and depart simultaneously over Moreton Bay.

  • Convert the existing shorter east-west runway that currently services smaller aircraft to an aircraft taxiway.

  • Dredge sand from Middle Banks in Moreton Bay to provide fill for the runway. This site has been used twice before for projects at the Airport.

  • Brisbane Airport Corporation has commenced work on an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)and Major Development Plan (MDP) to support its application to the Federal Government for the new runway.

Main website: http://www.newparallelrunway.com.au/
Source: http://www.newparallelrunway.com.au/...ard1.asp?name=Scope_of_the_project

Oh and by the way, my first new topic. I did a search, couldn't find anything, but I'm new here so cut me some slack

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