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Comparing 707 Takeoffs To Modern Jets--a Question

Sun Jun 11, 2000 2:54 am

For anyone who has flown in the passenger 707-320B/-320C and is familiar with the nuances of the plane, is there any other aircraft around that behaves similarly on takeoff in a way that the passenger who flies a lot can recognize? I was thinking maybe the 767-300ER, but I do realize that this isn't all that good a comparison due to 2 engines instead of 4, and a wide body vs. the 6 abreast narrow body. I'm really beside myself trying to imagine how the 707 handles itself hurling down the runway with those seemingly big, heavy wings and while it lifts itself into the air. I'd appreciate any feedback greatly!

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RE: Comparing 707 Takeoffs To Modern Jets--a Question

Mon Jun 12, 2000 2:03 pm

707 was a pioneer in the jet age. The engines are an older turbofan with older ramjet nozzles in them. The wings design based on older props. Later, boeing realize that front slats make a new lift in 727 but, not for 707 but, in 720. also materials are in factor here too. You are comparing to say 767-300er?? Well, under that wing have some plywoods and bents up. 707's wings are more rigid. But hey it was new back then. Ever, flew BAC111??? same thing.