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Sun Jun 11, 2000 5:34 am

I saw this brief blurb on

Southwest Airlines (LUV) is about to change that. The airline is starting a flight to Kansas City that continues on to San Jose. The layover is about 30 minutes. The flights are scheduled to take off beginning September 13. Even with the layover, the flight shaves between 3 to 3 ½ hours off the typical flight time for other one-stop flights from the Raleigh-Durham Airport to San Jose.

The airline says if demand is high enough, the flight might be changed to a nonstop.

My question is...if SW does change this RDU-SJC flight to a nonstop, will this be its first true transcon? I know they do LAS to BWI or some such, but LAS isn't technically on the west coast. I can't imagine a 5-hour peanut flight.

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RE: SW Transcons

Sun Jun 11, 2000 9:30 am

WN passes out peanuts, a "snack pack", and cookies on a typical 3 hr + flight. All my flights from/to PHX-SDF have included at least 3 runs of snacks. So you won't go totally hungry. I would enjoy seeing OAK-STL nonstop myself, so I could bypass the crowded PHX hub.
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RE: SW Transcons

Sun Jun 11, 2000 10:01 am

I'm pretty sure they do SEA-FLL nonstop. Would that count?

Also, would you rather have cookies, peanuts, pretzels, and snackmix, or horrible frozen and dehydrated "food". Personally, I'd go for the good stuff!
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RE: SW Transcons

Sun Jun 11, 2000 10:09 am

No, they don't have a SEA-FLL nonstop. It would stop in MCI or BNA first.

Their long hauls aren't bad at all. I flew MCI-OAK and had a continental breakfast at the gate and a snack pak in the air. By the time I got to my downtown SF hotel, it was lunch time on the west coast and I grabbed a bite there. Painless, actually.
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Sun Jun 11, 2000 10:21 am

Las Vegas not West Coast? Why wouldn't it be? Granted, it sits in the middle of the desert, but still, I would think it is a West Coast city. If not, then what?
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RE: SW Transcons

Sun Jun 11, 2000 1:30 pm

Right now their longest flight is PVD-PHX, closest thing to a transcon.
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RE: SW Transcons

Sun Jun 11, 2000 1:56 pm

Ooops   Sorry 'bout that.
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