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KUL Low Cost Terminal Questions

Fri Apr 21, 2006 5:18 am

Thanks to TG's totally uncompetitive schedules, it looks like Thai Air Asia is our only option to KUL, and they apparently use the LCCT.

We need to get to Jalan Ampang in central KL by 12 noon, and FD arrives 1015.

Are taxis readily available at this new LCCT? It appears to be a long way from the main terminal, so that's not an option.

Any idea how long wait at immigration here compared to the main terminal?

I'm thinking even eith a 45-minute delay and 20min wait at immigration we should be fine.

I can't believe there are practically no morning flights out of BKK, even SQ's first flight to SIN leaves at 0745 while a 6am departure would get you to SIN at a much better time if one has business or other things to attend the same day.

Thanks in advance.
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