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Reversers On Rj70/85/100?

Sun Jun 11, 2000 2:13 pm

I have noticed back from the 146 series, no one has attempted to fit thrust reversers on them. I know they are already considered STOL, but couldn't T/Rs help shorten the landing distance for those planes, especially if they were fitted to all four engines.
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RE: Reversers On Rj70/85/100?

Mon Jun 12, 2000 12:55 am

There are no thrustreversers on the RJ.
You have the airbrakes at the tail of the plane.
They give you the same deceleration, but with one advantage: you can pull them at any speed in flight as well! I don't know many planes capable of using T/R in flight... (DC-8 could on the inner engines during steep descents, but that's all as far as I know.)