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Happy Birthday 777!

Mon Jun 12, 2000 12:27 am

Hello All,

Monday June 12, 2000 marks the sixth birthday for the 777! Hope you get a chance to fly on one, Boeing built one hell of an airplane!!

Hats off to all the hard working folks at Boeing!!

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RE: Happy Birthday 777!

Mon Jun 12, 2000 12:34 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIXTH to all 7 7 7 !!!!


RE: Happy Birthday 777!

Mon Jun 12, 2000 12:49 am

In May of this year, I had the chance to fly on for the first time a RR Trent 800 powered Delta 777-200 from MCO to ATL. This plane was terrific!! The engines were very quiet and powerful with 92,000lbs thrust. As soon as the pilot shoved the throttles forward, this plane went like a rocket down the runway and quickly lifted off reaching it's cruising altitude of 33,000ft in 10 minutes! Loved how roomy this aircraft was, and loved the on-screen electronic map showing where we were and what the outside temperature was etc. I wish Boeing wouldn't have had just GE has the exclusive engine supplier and had P&W and RR in on the new 777X. models.