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What Type Of Aircraft Are Available?

Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:42 pm

Hi all, I have asked a similar hypothetical question in the past, but I am trying to find out if someone were to start an airline what types of planes are available for them to use? For example, I am sure it is much easier to get your hands on a 737-200 than a 737-700. What do you all think?
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RE: What Type Of Aircraft Are Available?

Sat Apr 29, 2006 9:44 am

Hey there... off the top of my head that are available in decent sizedd numbers  Smile Included in parenthesis are carriers I know who have the aircraft type stored.

-721/722(too many)
-732(too many)
-735(ex.UA/Rio Sul)
-752(First Choice and someone else IIRC)
-762(no -ER) (UA)
-A300B2/B4(too many)
-A300-600(too many)
-A310-2/300(too many)
-MD-80 family(AA/NW)
-Fokker 27&50(too many)
-Fokker 100(AA/US)
-Fokker 28(too many)
-Jetstream J-31/41 (USX/UAX)
-Beech 1900 (too many)
-DASH-8(100/200 mainly) (US)
-ATR-42/72(210/320) (CO/AE)