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Bad Alitalia Behavior

Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:21 am

My history teacher was returning from his honeymoon on Sunday and when he got to the gate to catch his flight to London from Rome, his flight was cancelled. Other people from the flight and I guess the tour he was on were all standing there wondering what was going on. There was no one at the gate to tell them anything so they got in a line for info and there was lots of screaming and yelling. Finally, the Alitalia people told them to get there bags and that they would stay overnight in a Sheraton near Rome. When they arrived at the hotel, the hotel knew nothing of this and said they didn't have any rooms. So my history teacher and the rest of the tour went back to FCO and checked in at the Hilton there and were then told that we were booked on a flight for 7:45 the next day. So he and his "partner" (hope you guys know what I'm talking about) went to bed and in the middle of the night they woke up to find the TV on. My teacher put on his glasses and saw the TV had a message on it that said their flight had been moved to 9:30. They saw this and decided to stick with 7:45 because they didn't trust Alitalia anymore. the next morning they woke up, and it was lucky they did this b/c they were still on the flight for 7:45.

Is this a common occurance on Alitalia?

Are they always this bad?

Anyone know why?(maybe I can get extra credit)  Big grin  Big grin
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RE: Bad Alitalia Behavior

Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:26 am

No typical AZ...But not the first time customers have been treated this way.

My last experiance of AZ:

I was a CSA (customer Service Agent) for a handling agent.

I took 150 people to a London Hotel with the AZ rep.

As the last person got of the bus, she pushed me back onto the bus and told the driver to floor it. They hadn't booked any Hotel rooms and just abandoned the passengers.....

She had transferred for FCO and she it's how they do it in Italy.

I transferred off the AZ team that night.

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