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Alaska's GSA Severance Packages...

Wed Apr 26, 2006 6:09 pm

I was talking with several former Alaska Ground Service Agents (GSA's) recently and we got onto the subject of severance packages. However, they did not provide me with a lot of details. Yes, I know that this is a sore topic in the industry, but I was wondering, what did these employees receive in accordance with their layoffs? I have heard rumors from everything to a cash settlement to an actual blanket from the plane as a gift. Can anyone offer some details?
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RE: Alaska's GSA Severance Packages...

Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:30 pm

Although i dont like adding to unconfirmed details, i had lots of buddies that were affected by the layoffs. Im not sure of the details but heres what i know.

I too have heard cash, although i dont know the amounts. I do know that a few of my ex-coworkers lived off the severance for a long time (several months). I know they got tuition paid for if they decided to go back to school and i know they got flight benefits extended for a year for every two years of service (ex. a guy with 10 years on the ground got 5 years of flight beny's).

This is what i know. Too bad i had resigned 7 months before the layoffs...i would not be paying to go to school right now...the cash wouldnt have been bad either!