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Heath Tecna 747/767 NuLook Questions

Sun Apr 30, 2006 6:53 am

Which airlines have retrofitted their 747s or 767s with Heath Tecna's NuLook? The original interior of the 747 and 767 do show their age.

I do not know whether Boeing offers a Signature Interior retrofit or not. The Heath Tecna NuLook somewhat resembles the Boeing Signature interior, especially the 767 NuLook with pivot-style bins.

Didn't Delta once install Heath Tecna bins on their L-1011s in the late 1980s? I personally think that Delta should consider the 767 NuLook for their 767-300s (both domestic and international), rather than just replace seats, signage, and lighting. Any thoughts on this?

For those who want to see what it looks like, here are pages with a demo:

767 NuLook:

747 NuLook:

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