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Sweden - Soviet - China In 1960

Tue May 02, 2006 7:32 am

Eventuallly got around to asking my mother about details about her flight from Sweden to China in 1960. She was 19 years old and on tour with The Royal Opera Ballet.

Can anyone help with details about route and possible planes?

She says that back in those days Sweden was all "DC3's and Metropolitans" and they had to fly Stockholm - Moscow before they boarded a "turbojet" (some misunderstanding there...) "Those planes couldn't land in Sweden so we had to fly to Moscow first.
Flew Moscow - Omsk - Irkutsk - Beijing she says.

Last leg was over Mongolia, and she remembers something about them only being allowed to fly in to chinese airspace at noon.

Can anyone fill me in on possible details?

Plane? Route? Regular?

Any info appreciated.