777 Personal Screens

Tue Jun 13, 2000 3:30 am

Do these personal screens on the 777 give you viewing choices like audio, or is it basically just one thing on everyone's screen? This question is geared toward United and American's international flights in steerage class. Thanks!

RE: 777 Personal Screens

Tue Jun 13, 2000 3:44 am

There are choices, but not many, I think there are only 3 seperate channels with movies on UAL in business and I believe its the same in coach. There are other channels with t.v. programming.

RE: 777 Personal Screens

Tue Jun 13, 2000 3:55 am

what kind of tv programming?

RE: 777 Personal Screens

Tue Jun 13, 2000 4:05 am

I believe they have some Discover channel programming(currently interesting show on Aircraft carriers), sitcoms, NBC newsmagazines, I think they even have some PBS programs.
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RE: 777 Personal Screens

Tue Jun 13, 2000 4:10 am

This month on UA, there are four movie channels, and 5 TV channels, which include:
United Presents (Channel 5): Sitcoms, NBC News in the Air, Access Hollywood, Bunting's Window...Computers, Sports Skybox, Croc Week.
Discovery Channel (Channel 6): Ultimate Guide: Human body, Secret World of Gambling, Inside: Atlantic City Casino
United Sports World (Channel 7): Golfing World, Samsung Trans World Sport, One Ton Cup, The American Athlete
Disney For Kids (Channel 8): Disney Cartoons both old and new
Sundance Channel (Channel 9): Canhead, Beauty and the Bike, Holiday Romance, Rant, Pishadoo, Jackpot, The Face (all independent, short films).

This is just for North America and Hawaii Eastbound for June. Going Westbound, all of the selections change to entirely new shows, with Channel 9 switching back to "Global Connections", showing travel documentaries, and more Sundance Film Festival clips.

International selections change both ways (East/West) with the substitution of the "PBS Channel" (Public Broadcasting), with shows such as "Sarah Brightman" and "New England Bridges" (a documentary style-channel), "Sundance Channel", and "United Sports World".

I'll try and scan all of the selections for you for every route--N. America, Europe, Asia, S. America if you'd like, and e-mail them to you.

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