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CO Fare Class Question

Tue May 02, 2006 12:14 pm

Hi all,

I know this is more of a Flyertalk kind of question, but I know there are some booking agents types here who might know something about this issue...

Basically, I was ticketed on a U class fare to go to PEK and back. Somehow, they're not crediting me miles for it, claiming it's a bulk fare and not eligible for any miles whatsoever. I'd think that a bulk fare wouldn't be a U class, and the travel agent I used, who I have used for many years, knows the difference and wouldn't make such a stupid mistake since I told her especially that I wanted miles out of this one...

I had to switch flights for one of the segments, but when I did it (and paid a fee) nobody from CO said anything about this invalidating my trip for miles of any kind....

Any ideas what it might be?