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Newark Intl, Continental & Virgin Atlantic?

Tue Jun 13, 2000 10:44 pm

It was stated in an earlier post that once the terminal C "Global Gateway" project was complete, that Continental's European flights would use those gates and not Terminal B. Will their codeshare partner Virgin Atlantic also migrate to Terminal C or will they stay at Terminal B?
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RE: Newark Intl, Continental & Virgin Atlantic?

Tue Jun 13, 2000 10:54 pm

It's not clear yet. The Global Gateway project will be completed in 2004 so
there is a long way to go. With all the shakeups in airline alliances, it's
hard to say if Virgin and Continental will be in a partnership then. Hope
they will as these are two quality and customer-focused carriers. I would
imagine that Virgin will move to C when the project is completed, if the
alliance still exists then.

Most of Continental's code-share partners, such as Air France, Alitalia
(Alitalia code-shares with Continental but CO operates the flights to
FCO and MXP from Newark), CSA operate from Terminal C. Northwest
does not though, and Virgin uses Terminal B, which houses the US
Customs and Immigration center and is used by most foreign flag
carriers that operate from EWR.


RE: Newark Intl, Continental & Virgin Atlantic?

Wed Jun 14, 2000 3:37 am

CSA operates from Terminal B. Only Continental & Air France use terminal C.