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Tue Jun 13, 2000 11:33 pm

Does any airline fly this route? What plane would they use? How far is it?
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Wed Jun 14, 2000 12:37 am

I don't know if anyone does it now, but I doubt there is any market, when you can fly down to Seattle or LA and have a huge choice of flights. However, Western Airlines (I think) or maybe Arrow used to fly from London (Gatwick) to Honolulu in the 80s via Anchorage. The equipment was a 707. The route didn't do very well and was soon abandoned, but that is the closest ANC ever came to a permanent link to Hawaii. Maybe charters from Europe to Hawaii still use the city as a tech stop but all the European countries are linked to the US by American carriers that fly to Hawaii. The charters do operate occasionally but rarely.
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Wed Jun 14, 2000 1:09 am

Western wasn't the only airline to have done regular flights from ANC to HNL. Hawaiian Airlines also ran this route for several years until the early '90s, using its L1011s. This was a pretty long route, at least 6-7 hours to fly that far - longer than most transcon routes across North America.
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Wed Jun 14, 2000 1:20 am

Okay people!!
This is not an especially long route, about the same distance to HNL from ANC as it is from LAX or SFO, 5 1/2 hours. Hawaiian Airlines flies this route year round several times a week on their DC-10. It is operated on behalf of Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays but regular non-charter related tickets can be bought as well. I did this flight twice last winter, once in late November and once in February.

The cost for a ticket purchased in conjunction with a hotel/ car package is only about $369 r/t. Plan on about a $550 r/t ticket without the package discount.

There is a huge market for this route, have any of you been to Alaska in the winter????? Hawaiian has been doing ANC-HNL for years, before they did it Rich International (w/ L-1011s) operated as the charter for PHH.

Nobody in their right mind (unless they are using a frequent flyer ticket) would choose to fly all the way to LAX to hop over to HNL. You would be in Honolulu 3 times faster on HAs ANC-HNL flight than flying down to SFO, SEA or even SEA.
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Wed Jun 14, 2000 4:51 am

HNL-ANC is absolutely a viable route, woodsboy's comment, "have you been to Alaska in the Winter" sums it up. Relatives of mine from ANC travel to HNL almost every other year. I'm honestly surprised no airline has institued 7 day service, at least seasonal (actually, I find it hard to believe this isn't currently offered, I'll have to do a little research). Also, a flight from SEA or PDX to IAD takes 6 1/2 hours itself...HNL-ANC is not that long of a flight, especially considering the length of other transpacific (asia-us) routes.

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