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Air Canada A340 In Economy

Wed Jun 14, 2000 1:32 am

What's the buzz on AC's Economy service to Tokyo. I'm flying them in the middle of August from YYZ to NRT. Also, do these flights go full or are they payload restricted on the A340 to Japan? That would be great - a packed 14 hour flight is never fun.
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RE: Air Canada A340 In Economy

Wed Jun 14, 2000 6:28 am

Loads are picking up, but slowly, When AC took over 001 from CP i remember pulling up the load on AC001 and it was about 35 people. This has since increase to anywhere from 120 - 200 so there is usually plenty of room, and AC's economy cabin on the A340 is great, has sufficiant legroom, no PTV's but that is true with all of the AC Y class seats...If I were you I would try getting an upgrade to J class, or ask to be put on standby for J the service is great.....
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RE: Air Canada A340 In Economy

Wed Jun 14, 2000 7:13 am

I haven't flown on their A340 but have taken their 747-200 and 767-300 for transatlantic flights. The planes are nice and clean. Legroom is very good even in economy. The service and food have been ok but nothing special. No PTVs. Enjoy your flight!

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RE: Air Canada A340 In Economy

Wed Jun 14, 2000 9:25 am

I believe there are some payload restrictions on the route, and they seem to prefer to restrict pax loads rather than their high-yield cargo, so you should have room to find a couple of empty seats and stretch out a bit.

I flew the A340 on AC across the atlantic in economy. Your flight will be longer, but you can extrapolate my experiences. I personally quite enjoyed my A340 flight. I found the seats very comfortable, much moreso than the 767 that I flew to YYZ to connect to the A340 with. There aren't PTV's in economy but personally I prefer the overhead mounted monitors anyways. I forget what the movie was on that flight, but I find AC usually has pretty good titles. Food was just fine, and flight attendants seemed pretty good about patrolling the cabin even during the overnight segments when most passengers were sleeping. I personally almost never sleep onboard aircraft, but the view flying over the atlantic was great, although at some points there was a bit of cloud. I found the aircraft quite smooth to fly on and extremely quiet, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. My only negative thing about it was that on the return trip I got quite badly jetlagged (the trip eastbound was absolutely jetlag free for me, actually).