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DC Air- News, Details And A Question

Wed Jun 14, 2000 10:10 pm

Note the article at this link:,1355,1-1-3_4229,00.html

An interesting article, especially the open speculation about (1) the possible "pure politics" angle of this putative start-up; and (2) the frank assessment of the chances of success.

My question: The article states:

"Michael Lewellan, vice president of corporate communications for Johnson's BET Holdings, says DC Air will take over the certificate of wholly owned US Airways Express carrier PSA. "We will take over those employees too, along with routes and facilities," he says. "

Am I correct in assuming that this would be the certificate of Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA)? If so, what a sad turn of events for a once-proud and successful carrier.

Comments and confirmation (or refutation, as the case may be) from US Air-philes would be appreciated.
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RE: DC Air- News, Details And A Question

Wed Jun 14, 2000 11:36 pm

That was a good article!