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Aviation Jobs?

Thu Jun 15, 2000 8:05 am

Are there any decent paying jobs in aviation maintance that do not require some sort of certificate?
Do you need a license to be a mechanic's helper?
I have been working at an auto parts store for 12 years and am trying to get a book published, I am very sick of auto parts. Any advice as to where to look would be helpful


RE: Aviation Jobs?

Thu Jun 15, 2000 10:19 am

If you want to work in aviation you should apply to a large airline, no matter what your background, they have many jobs that may seem totally unrelated to aircraft. For example your experience in auto parts could land you a position in the automotive shop, many airlines run large fleets of vehicles with a vast parts inventory system. I know people with professions as varied as child care, nursing, photography, graphic arts, law enforcement, etc. working for an airline (in their chosen profession).