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The Crazy Behavior

Fri May 19, 2006 6:52 am

Once I flew with BA from DTW to LHR. A passenger appareared to be drunk right from the onset of the flight seated in business class. Not long after take off he created quite a fuss up there. We could hear this all the way to the first rows of economy.

The first officer and several of the cabin crew were able to subdue him, and moved him and handcuffed him to a seat right next to my family and myself. For the duration of the flight we all witnessed how hard it is to "just sober up". We exchanged some looks with this guy during the flight, but we never talked. The police was at the gate waiting for him when we arrived.

My kids are asking me questions about this incident even today - 6 years later.

Anyone else with experiences of people who "just lost it" during flight that they would like to share?
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