Convert MD-11s to Freighters

Wed Feb 17, 1999 5:03 pm

I don't know this for real. Why is everybody now trying to convert the MD-11s to freighters? I know that MD-11s are not as economical as A340s and 777s as in fuel consumption. But still, if MD-11s are not economical, why does FedEx even bother with swallowing MD-11s from American and Swissair?

RE: Convert MD-11s to Freighters

Wed Feb 17, 1999 7:07 pm

First, MD-11s are economical. And as flyf15, I've yet to see concrete facts that there is a practical big difference in the fuel consumption of the MD-11 and 777. Second, not everyone is converting or selling MD-11s to freighters; not Finnair, Garuda, CityBird, and not KLM for a good while.
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RE: Convert MD-11s to Freighters

Wed Feb 17, 1999 10:37 pm

The reason that the airlines get rid of the MD-11s is due to the fact that they aren't compatable with other aircraft. Their are no MD-12s or MD-13s to order. If you order a 777 you can order a 747 too because they share many of the same parts and so forth. Also, the 777 is more economical than the MD-11 and offers a greater future. Fedex buys MD-11s from airlines because cheap and praticulaly new and offer a great amount of cargo space.
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RE: Convert MD-11s to Freighters

Wed Feb 17, 1999 10:54 pm

You seem to think that the 777 and 747 share some kind of commonality. Well, they have no similarity or commonality except for some screws and bolts, so I doubt an airline is going to save a lot if they have 777 and 747 in their fleet.
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you said it MD-11...

Thu Feb 18, 1999 2:35 am

MD-11 your so right, CX747 seems to be thinking that the 777 and the 747 have the whole 9 yards in common. Anyways I think since the DC10 proved to be a very nice economic aircraft for Freighter version, a logical step would have been to get the MD11 just like, a logical step for an 747-200 to upgrade to a 400 version. MD11 are very nice aircraft and I think they have a good body measurements for cargo, just as how boeing really designed the 747 to be a freighter.

PS CX747 check my post on the A330-600....

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RE: you said it MD-11...

Thu Feb 18, 1999 4:01 am

The MD-11 is popular as a freighter because there's really no competition for it in the freight market. On the passenger side, the 777 now makes the MD-11 completely obsolete, but it will be a while before any cargo version of the 777 comes out. The MD-11 isn't the most efficient passenger plane, but it still is the most efficient freighter.

If your company doesn't do enough business to require huge 747 freighters, what are the alternatives? The A340 would could never make a good freighter, and the 777 is the only other plane around that can fly the very-long routes. The 767 is a successful frieghter, but it can't fly the Pacific like the MD-11 can.
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RE: MD11 Cargo

Thu Feb 18, 1999 4:12 am

FedEx like the MD11 because of it's payload and
it's cheap to operate than those crusty 747 100,200's.
The DC10 is also a nice plane but if it could take a little
more cargo load it would be awesome and you would
see FedEx buying all them up. But that is not the case.
FedEx loves the MD11 and are expected to sign a deal
with the leasing company that leases Swiss Air's MD11
this year. A FedEx MD!! can kicks butt against a
Ups 747 200 to HNL any day! Any we save more fuel!
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RE: MD11 Cargo

Thu Feb 18, 1999 6:00 am

There was a press release last year that Fedex was buying Swissair's MD-11. Others like KLM, Alitalia haven't indicated what theyr'e going to do with theirs, but they could just convert them to freighters. You can now reply to me at