Bad Weather...

Thu Jun 15, 2000 12:48 pm

Today I was flying into MDW from MSP on bord Vanguard...There was bad westher at MDW when we arrived and we were not able to land....To make a long story short we ended up landing in Periora to re-fule and go back to MDW...All in all we spent 2 hours circling...From MDW I was supposed to goto DEN...We were 3 hours late....It was partialy Vanguards fault and die to the storm...

Does any one have any stories about having to make un expected stops for fule or for any other reason...

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RE: Bad Weather...

Thu Jun 15, 2000 1:13 pm

The spelling is correct Peoria not Periora. Fuel not fule. It is not Vanguard's fault I think MDW forced to avoid to land due the weather high winds or heavy rain. There is nothing do with all the airlines!! I know it is pain in the neck delay and messy up.

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RE: Bad Weather...

Thu Jun 15, 2000 1:28 pm

There's an old saying:

"Time to spare? Go by air!"

Think of it this way: your pilot diverted because he/she didn't feel safe. Would you rather he/she continued and possibly "made a mess of it"? Pilots are living examples of decision-trees. Safety: it IS or it ISN'T. End of story...

Rhetorical, I know!

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RE: Bad Weather...

Thu Jun 15, 2000 1:32 pm

On March 19 this year I was returning from LHR to JFK via Keflavik, Iceland, on board a 757, As we were approaching KEF, I could see that a storm was coming. We landed without any event and as we were taxing to the gate a incredible snow storm started, that lasted for 40 mins. Visibility was less than 30-50 meters..
As a result we had to wait some more for de-icing, so we were a bit late. After that, the plane went to the semi-cleaned runway, and just took off. Nice experience. I got to liked Iceland somehow...