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My Personal Tribout To The DC-10.

Sun May 21, 2006 3:39 am

Good Afternoon

I was just reading about Northwest retiring there DC-10 fleet by January 2007. It got me to thinking how this was the last major airline to fly the type. The DC-10 kind got a special place in my heart, it was the first plane I ever flown on. It was when I was a baby my parents and I went to visit my Aunt in Chicago. It had to be ether 1978 or 1979, but it was an American Airline DC-10.I was to young to remember what happened on that flight, but my parents said while all the other baby was crying I was bouncing around on my fathers lap, even the FA told my parents they know I was having a good time. Because my family and I flew to DFW and ORD many from LAX, it seem like I spent most of my child hood flying on AA DC-10. I remember one flight to DFW, the pilot show the passenger a video of the flight deck right before we took off. My last last flight on a DC-10 was in 1991 on an AA red eye to ORD. I remembered a Korean Air 747 400 took off before us, then we taxi to runway 25 right when then the engine power up (and made that high pitch noise that first generation wide body engine make). Then when we got off the ground the engines made this buzz saw griding like noise. During to flight there was a movie playing and I went to sleep, woke up and we was stating descent into ORD.

I know some people blame the DC-10 for the early retirement of the Concorde, and even I thought the 747 and L-1011 was better built wide-body, but this was the plane I ever flown on and I could not see them go a way with out giving them a good farewell.

PS: They was built near my home town also.
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RE: My Personal Tribout To The DC-10.

Sun May 21, 2006 5:25 pm

Nice tribute and memories of a great aircraft.

I recall times flying on the Wardair DC-10 between Vancouver and Toronto when I was a kid.

I loved to fly so much, and it was always an event, rather than simply transportation. I will never forget the great service of Wardair, and the comfort of that aircraft.

The DC-10 made the most unique and spine tingling sounds each time she powered up and clawed her way up to cruising altitude.
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RE: My Personal Tribout To The DC-10.

Sun May 21, 2006 10:10 pm

Even though the DC-10 had a series of early accidents, it still was an excellent airplane. a lot of the early accidents had to do with airlines not yet knowing much about the care and maintenance of the DC-10. Once everyone learned, the accidents stopped, and the DC-10 was able to fly.
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RE: My Personal Tribout To The DC-10.

Sun May 21, 2006 10:23 pm

I loved flying the DC-10

SK: CPH-LAX in Buisness Class
Scanair: Palma de Mallorca, charter
Scanair: Las Palmas, charter

Dont know wich flight but it reached over 1,120 km/h back to ARN..

Sad to see them go.

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