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Freedom Rights

Thu Jun 15, 2000 11:01 pm

I've heard a lot about "freedom" rights - 5th freedom, etc., but I'm not clear on the differences between them. I know that depending on what freedom rights you have, you can fly certain routes from and to foreign countries.

Can anyone explain the differences between each type of freedom right?

Thanks in advance...
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RE: Freedom Rights

Fri Jun 16, 2000 2:56 am

#1: Right to overfly the country
#2: Right to land in case of emergency
#3: Right to land and to sell passenger's seats and cargo with the final destination in the land you have reached an agreement with, originating the other country of the bilateral
#4: Right to take-off...
#5: Same as #3 and #4 but you can fly freight and passengers from the other country of the bilateral to a third one.

I'm not sure however. I think some will either correct or confirm.

Alain Mengus

RE: Freedom Rights

Fri Jun 16, 2000 3:06 am

This month's Airliner World has a helpful guide, which is better than I would have been able to describe in my own words!

First Freedom
-The right to overfly a country

Second Freedom
-The right to make a technical stop in a country without collecting/dropping off traffic

Third Freedom
-The right to carry traffic to a foreign country

Fourth Freedom
-The right to carry traffic from a foreign country

Fifth Freedom
-The right to carry traffic to a foreign country, then fly on to another country, with traffic rights on each sector

Sixth Freedom
-The a type of fith freedom, but using the airline's base country as the transit point

In simple terms of an airline from country A operating flights to countries B and C.

Third Freedom would allow them to carry traffic from A to B, Fourth Freedom allows them to carry traffic from B to A. Fifth Freedom allows traffic to be carried on a route from A to B and on to C. Sixth Freedom allows a flight from B to A and on to C.

Hope that helped!

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