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Finding The Right Aviation Job

Tue May 23, 2006 11:38 pm

Hello. I will try to keep this short key word being try. When I was about 16 I walked into a local small airfield an asked if there was any jobs available mentioning paper work, cleaning etc. I was never good with tools so i left that out. Got a call from the boss a few weeks after that and said he'd put me on the weekend crew. Great! it was maintenance but it was aviation so oh well. Lasted about 6 months, he blamed it on 9-11 and cutbacks "even the small fields are hurting" but i knew inside it was cause i took so long to fix things. Oh well, I didn't care for the boss much anyways, he was the typical big guy with a big beard and swore often. Got a job at a grocery store for 2 and a half years after that.
My neighbor heard an add on the radio for open interview for Com..something. It was Comair for customer service. The airport was a good drive about one hour 15 minutes but that's the sacrifice I was willing to make. Shortly after being at the job, not even completing the OTJ training i realized it was nothing i wanted to do. We were always delayed or cancelled, people were always angry, I got too attached to them and their stories (that was a No-no) I was unable to run the jetway after 3 tries and that was unacceptable I couldn't provide any answers to questions the customers asked etc etc. I got pushed pretty hard into being ready too soon one guy was leaving and the other was going on vacation. It was always "I'll teach you later". The shift was a 10 hour one from 1-11Pm (or whenever the work was done) and it was very hard for me to learn at 9:30 at night. Flying got boring, all the off the job training required multiple trips to CVG and it became very routine, something i never ever wanted. I lost the thrill. I gave my notice, handed in my badge that day and left.

Please keep the "you should've just stuck with it" speech out I felt pretty bad afterwords (yet relieved). Often questioning what if i stayed in? Would I be unhappy? I still want to go into aviation but I would like some ideas on what to go into. I am afraid that on my resume that short Comair job is a strike and could be fatal when an employer looks at it. I was thinking flight instructor, I always love to teach people. In 2004 I applied to Daniel Webster College and got a letter saying I should take a year at a community college and reapply. I did one better went to a state college and took 3 semesters (1 and 1/2 years), I thought about reapplying but not sure what to go for down there. Maybe there are jobs out there that I am just over looking that the aviation community can direct me to, or that allow me to fly and travel often that are not related to aviation. I wouldn't mind an office job working for an airline that includes flight benefits.
Thanks so much.