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Air Canada Hub In Winnipeg

Fri Jun 16, 2000 1:17 am

You know, now that Air Canada has made Montreal(YUL) a hub, why don't they make YWG a hub. Think about it, there in a perfect location. AC and link YWG to Europe and Asia. They will do well with those flights.

So why is Air Canada not making YWG a hub???
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RE: Air Canada Hub In Winnipeg

Fri Jun 16, 2000 2:07 am

While YWG might be more in the center of the country, it would not make a good hub. If you remember back to the mid 90's Greyhound tried to use YWG as a hub with its 727s however failed quite badly.
Some problems YWG include a very small population base compared to the Canadian east and west coast, along with a limited business travel market.
AC is much better of keeping it 2 1/2 hubs (YYZ/YUL and YVR).
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RE: Air Canada Hub In Winnipeg

Fri Jun 16, 2000 3:06 am

Greyhound succeeded, but the parent company was bought out by Laidlaw who simply didn't want an airline and simply shut it down (you might argue they did that on economic merit, but look at the mess of Laidlaw's current finances, and they're so bad it casts doubt on the wisdom of their business decisions, and before it was shut down GreyhoundAir DID make money).

Winnipeg is good as a regional hub for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, and the territories, it makes a good freight hub, and it makes a good transcon hub, but there isn't enough traffic for a international hub, and in Canada most routes are point-to-point, so there is no need for a YWG hub, and AC is intent on YYZ/YUL and YVR (mostly YYZ) so YWG won't become a hub for them.