PHX Go Arounds

Fri Jun 16, 2000 7:29 am

Yesterday while picking up someone at Phoenix Sky Harbor, in about half an hour between about 0930 and 1000 I saw 3 SW planes abort landings right before touchdown. I was in Terminal 2 and the first was on 8L (north runway) so I couldn't see the cause. The other two were on 8R and both were caused by an AWA flight taking off late, both of which I knew were going to happen watching the AW flight taxi on to the runway while the incoming flight was pretty close. The airport wasn't outrageously busy at the time; maybe 4 or 5 planes in line.
My questions are:
Were any of the SW go arounds the same plane? (if anyone knows)
Were the 8R go arounds likely the fault of the controllers of the AWA flight?
If AWA was at fault, would they do this to inconvenience their rival airline? (seems dangerous)
Aren't 3 of these in a half hour on a calm cloudless day unusual?
Would 100 degree temperatures make this more likely?

Another question: Is TWA gate 7 being dismantled for any reason in particular? It's remains were being torched while the last bit of the concrete base were being broken up.
Thanks for any help!
Tom in NO
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RE: PHX Go Arounds

Fri Jun 16, 2000 1:05 pm

ATC may have been trying to slot in those 2 departures between arrivals, and didn't allow enough spacing. It happens here on occasion. I would hope AWA's pilots didn't cause it, though.

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RE: PHX Go Arounds

Fri Jun 16, 2000 4:23 pm

It was definitely not done on purpose by AWA pilots, against our rival carrier. That's just stupid....

The PHX tower is very well known for pushing the distance between aircraft landing and departing a bit short... With as many aircraft that the PHX airport handles, and with only two active runways, the tower gets a little ancy to get aircraft in and out as quickly as possible. So go-arounds are not an uncommon thing here at Sky Harbor.