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Runway 7/25 At PHX

Fri Jun 16, 2000 4:11 pm

Hopefully someone will know the answer to this before this post falls into the abyss where posts never return from. For about the past 5 years there have been plans for a new south runway at Phoenix... some of the site has been prepared and maybe even part of the construction complete. BUT... the Arizona Air National Guard, that is based on the south end of the field, has not be relocated to allow for construction. And in the times that i have been at Sky Harbor in march and may there did not appear to be any construction going on. I have read in FAA docs that this runway was supposed to be completed in 1999. What happened? And are their similiar problems/delays for other runway projects at other airports?
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RE: Runway 7/25 At PHX

Fri Jun 16, 2000 4:19 pm

That runway is being constructed and is going to be completed soon... They've been working on it for quite some time. And yes, the Arizona National Gaurd has been moved out of the way.

RE: Runway 7/25 At PHX

Sun Jun 18, 2000 6:09 am

When I was there Wednesday, there was a KC-135 being towed from the old hangar area to parts unknown. I don't think that there were others in that area, but I wasn't really paying attention and I may be wrong.
Also, the 24th street closure/bypass I believe happened on Thursday. This will allow space to lengthen the North runway.

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