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Airbus' Charles Champion's Interview

Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:50 pm

In a hard-hitting interview with UK broadcaster BBC in its Hard Talk series, Airbus chief operating officer, Charles Champion, says the airframer "underestimated how much our customers wanted a competition between Airbus and Boeing with a new product from our side". He adds that "constructive criticism" that Airbus welcomes during the development phase of any new aircraft came "a bit late, maybe".

- Flight Global


He also said that Airbus was looking at improving its current offering and probably to me, kind of implied that Airbus was looking at that more than a complete redesign as called on by certain quarters.

With regards to Singapore Airlines Limited, apparently the Airline is wanting "more" from the current A350 than Airbus is / can deliver at the moment.

The video, courtesy of BBC World's HardTalk programme (poor video quality) can be found here
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RE: Airbus' Charles Champion's Interview

Fri Jun 02, 2006 12:34 am

The first line of the article is more telling IMO:

Airbus has taken a swipe at potential and existing customers for its A350 long-range twinjet for failing to supply timely feedback during the development effort, admitting that any newly-designed variant could not be ready until at least 2012.

"taken a swipe"? Not good press here. It could be construed as Mr. Champion blaming the customers! What happened to good old market research?
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