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BA Fleet At Cosford Scrapped - Only 2 Left.

Tue Jun 06, 2006 7:18 am

British Airways have wasted no time since announcing in April that it's Heritage Musuem fleet of aircraft was to be scrapped.

The conway 707 has gone completely, even the concrete stands have been leveled.

Now the trident is reduced to history as only the empty space and the stands remain...

As soon as the air show is over this weekend the VC10 and the BAC 1-11 will also get the chop.

According to Cosford musuem, the blame lies with BA's lack of continued interest and maintenace, according to BA, Cosford wanted them out.

At the end of the day it's aviations loss.

There's little reason to this and it's amazing it's been kept so quiet that BA was allowed to dispose of the nations civil aviation heritage.
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VC10 at Cosford. This is about to be cut up due to a dispute with British Airways. In the foreground, the fencing marks the spot where the 707-400 remained. All trace has now been removed as this was the first to be scrapped.
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Bac 1-11 at Cosford. This will be cut up shortly.
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The Circles mark the spot. All that remains of BA's heritage trident at Cosford is 1 police cone and two empty stands
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