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Miramar Site To Be Given To Voters

Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:03 am

It's official - the recommendation from the airport board is in:

The ballot proposal shall read:

To provide for San Diego's long-term air transportation needs, shall the Airport Authority and government officials work to obtain approximately 3,000 of 23,000 acres at MCAS Miramar by 2020 for a commercial airport provided necessary traffic and freeway improvements are made, military readiness is maintained without expense to the military for modifying or relocating operations, no local taxes are used on the airport, overall noise impacts are reduced, and necessary Lindbergh Field improvements are completed?


Shall the SDCRAA maximize the existing regional airport facilities while recognizing that these facilities may not accommodate future regional growth and therefore, also identify MCAS Miramar as a potential future civilian airport, ensuring that land use surrounding Miramar remains consistent with future use as a civilian airport and directing SDCRAA to work with the Federal Government to obtain land at MCAS Miramar?

Let the flaming begin!!  flamed 
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