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Nuke Deal With Iran To Include Aircraft Parts?

Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:49 am

Currently, the USA and European countries are in negotiations with Iran over their limit or better regulate their production of nuclear materials which could be used to make nuclear bombs. Some news stories are reporting that part of a proposed deal would include suspension of the long embargoed access by Iran to long needed parts for their Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The Boeing aircraft Iran owns includes 747's, 727's and 737's, all over 25 years old. The Airbus fleet includes A 320, A300's and other models, also bought through 3rd parties. Over the years of the embargo, Iran has kept some of their aircraft flying by buying parts via 3rd or 4th parties, canibilzing parts from other aircraft, using obsolete manuals, and some good engineering skills, but at great risk of safety to their crews and passengers. The shoot down of a Iran Air A300 by the USA Navy a number of years ago may have been because of obsolete or improper identification devices due to the embargo.
It would be interesting to see this deal goes through and see Iran based aircraft and their passangers flying safely in the Middle East and to/from Europe as well as providing employment and pride to their people.

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RE: Nuke Deal With Iran To Include Aircraft Parts?

Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:10 pm

Already being discussed here: Airbus And Boeing On Their Way To Iran? (by PM Jun 6 2006 in Civil Aviation)
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