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End Of Redemption Of AA Miles On Taca!

Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:13 pm

Hi all,
i was just checking through my AAdvantage news for June and came across the cursory message below.
TACA participation ends June 30, 2006

As a reminder, June 30, 2006 is the last day to earn or redeem miles for TACA flights.

Does anyone know the climate of the business decision that led to this eg. was it TACA's or American's or both?
Any help will be appreciated..
Thanks a lot,
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RE: End Of Redemption Of AA Miles On Taca!

Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:10 am

TA signed a codeshare agrement with UA which was just approved a couple of weeks age. From now on, it will be UA´s mileage plus. There are many theories on the "why" of the change, but I´ll stick to my theory that UA and TA compliment there route structure better than with AA.
DOT Approves TACA/LACSA - United Code Share (by Laxintl May 21 2006 in Civil Aviation)#ID2783838 United And Taca (by Aio86 Apr 25 2006 in Civil Aviation)#ID2737657 United Enters In To Codeshare With Taca (by UAL777UK Feb 27 2006 in Civil Aviation)#ID2630525

Que viva el guaro, el dinero y los aviones!!!