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SN Brussels Has Best European Cabin Staff

Fri Jun 09, 2006 3:22 am

Press release by Brussels Airlines:

Brussels, 08th of June 2006 – SN Brussels Airlines has the best cabin staff of all European airlines. This is the result of a thorough survey of the independent British research company Skytrax. This well-known British audit organization, also known as “the Michelin of aviation”, based its judgement on several criteria such as service, efficiency, attention for safety, problem solving, enthusiasm, friendliness and knowledge of different languages.

SN Brussels Airlines obtained the highest score of all European airlines in the popular Skytrax survey. The Portuguese airline PGA Portugalia came second, while Luxair was third. Airlines in other continents were awarded too. For example: the award for Asia went to Thai Airways.

In total, sixteen criteria were taken into account. How we welcome our passengers, the application of safety procedures, the efficiency of the on board service (food & drinks), and the discipline, friendliness and enthusiasm of our staff are examples of criteria which have been judged.

The official results of the Skytrax’ survey confirm that SN Brussels Airlines tries to put its slogan ‘Passionate about you’ into practice on a daily basis.

VP In-flight Services Luc Casier: “We are very pleased with this important award because we know how high our passengers rate our service. This award is the result of the hard work and the endless efforts of our more than 700 cabin crews and all other employees of the company. The award is however no reason to become complacent. By permanent coaching, evaluation sessions and training of our more than 700 cabin crew members, we hope to achieve an even better result in the future”.

Worldwide over 3.6 million people have participated to the ‘Worlds Best Cabin Staff’ survey of Skytrax. The audit organisation that permanently monitors the quality of airlines also carried out hundreds of in-depth interviews with passengers and airline clients.

“The cabin crew plays a major role and does not only assure the safety and the wellness of the passengers”, says Skytrax’ CEO Edward Plaisted. “The cabin attendants and their colleagues on the ground are also the reflection of the entire corporate image that every airline is constantly seeking to improve. For the passenger it is very often the quality of the in-flight service that makes the difference between a positive and a negative flight experience.”

In 2004, SN Brussels Airlines already received the Airline Excellence Award for its excellent quality level. Last month SN has been elected as the best European airline by the French consumer organization “Que Choisir”, based on a survey which was performed in six European countries.

More information an be found on
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RE: SN Brussels Has Best European Cabin Staff

Fri Jun 09, 2006 5:43 am

Great. And what SN Brussels would need now is an airport for Brussels that doesn't require you to spend 30 minutes walking around the terminals looking for an exit if you only want to .. exit.

The new shiny terminal is, err, shiny, but it is way too big for one to walk from one end to another. I arrived there on 13th April from CPH with SAS. I and my gf literally spent 30 minutes walking there to the exit. Compared to HEL, CPH and ARN, BRU is a big mess (or a maze?).

Problems with BRU terminals are, of course, not SN Brussel's faults. But still, the airport's design seems very old.

Also, I found Pizza Hut very expensive.  Wink
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RE: SN Brussels Has Best European Cabin Staff

Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:08 am

Last time I flew them was in 2004, and back then their quality level was second to none. All the way from Rome to Brussels, all Y pax got a very delicious meal, cool drinks, hot drinks, candy,...and an excellent service by all f/a's.

If they can continue to offer this quality and service level ánd sustain or even increase their profits, then all I can say is: Go SN Brussels Airlines!

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RE: SN Brussels Has Best European Cabin Staff

Fri Jun 09, 2006 7:52 am

I can't say I have a lot of experience with European carriers, but based upon my 2004 LHR-BRU flight with SN, I can tell you that is this a well-deserved recognition. The guys and girls of the crew were really nice and friendly, and the flight was very enjoyable. Congratulations SN!!!
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RE: SN Brussels Has Best European Cabin Staff

Fri Jun 09, 2006 4:36 pm

Over the last two years, each time I flew within Europe, the best service I experienced was on SN, from check in till deplaning. In these times when so many low cost gurus keep on barking that theirs is the only way to fly, SN has always been a great experience at prices not far above LCC's, sometimes even below. This is civilized aviation, to quote Aegean's slogan, and I sincerely wish SN the best of success.
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RE: SN Brussels Has Best European Cabin Staff

Fri Jun 09, 2006 5:37 pm

Now if someone could trust them a bit and give them money to expand and let more of us enjoy the level of service, that'd be sweet!

A note on Brussels airport. Terminal A, where Schenghen flights depart and arrive had been designed with a Sabena European hub & spoke system in mind. The terminal is optimized for short connections (down to 20 minsor so). You would then land on a flight from say CPH and get on a flight to say BOD spending little over 20 minutes in the facility. Sabena having vanished in the meantime, the plan never got that far but the terminal was already under construction and sort of required to split Schenghen and non-Schenghen traffic.

Now you'll tell me that if you're BRU O&D you would still have had to go thru this, which is sadly true. But O&D was then around 20% of the airport's usage compared to hub & spoke's 80%, I guess the planners didn't really care about local traffic.
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RE: SN Brussels Has Best European Cabin Staff

Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:19 pm

I fully agree "BrightCedars" SN needs to expand quick; extra flights to Africa fly to the us on their own metal. The only problem is the cash and leasing A330 is very very expensive