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Commutes Of 1,000 Miles Grow A Bit Longer

Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:11 am

Commutes of 1,000 Miles Grow a Bit Longer in Airline Industry

Think your commute is bad? Try Wichita to New York, Vancouver to Dallas or Panama to Miami.

For pilots and flight attendants, those commutes aren't simply routine, they are longstanding matters of choice, supported by two of the decades-old perks that make working for an airline special: they can hitch a ride on most any airline with an empty seat — and they usually only have to work 15 to 18 days a month, making it easy for them to live anywhere they want.

But nowadays, they find it hard just to get home, because planes are so full.


Perhaps members working for the Airlines who commute to their "base" can share their experiences?

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