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Comments On Tacv Reliability / Bookings?

Sun Jun 11, 2006 8:26 am

Hello Everyone

Next month, I am arriving on a research cruise into Mindelo, Cape Verde after a month at sea. I am scheduled to fly TACV from VXE (Mindelo, Sao Vicente) to SID (Ilha do Sal), which I have on a ticket purchased through a US-based travel agent. Later that night, I'm connecting on a flight from SID to LIS (connection time is ca. 5 h), on a ticket purchased directly from TP.

I have read quite a few different stories about TACV, about the necessity to re-confirm all flights, and how your seat isn't necessarily confirmed, even though you hold a ticket with "OK" on it. I was curious if anyone out there might have any advice regarding this service; I arrive in port 2 days prior to leaving on the flight. Is the service usually on time? What should our party do if we can't make it to SID on the flight that evening to connect to the TP flight?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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