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Southwest Flight 885 Emergency....

Sun Jun 18, 2000 4:44 pm

Any details please, on 6/17 a SWA 73Q operating from Burbank to Sacramento experienced an emergency which by listening to departure control while over the Burbank area was very serious! The pilot was very shaken and only responded back with quick and loud answers, he had a hard time climbing and asked to go to "the longest runway at LAX" and said "get the crash trucks out" then did not respond to several radio calls which gave me a sinking feeling like when listening to the Alaska tapes. He eventually came back and told "souls on board" and other necessary information. I then lost radio contact when he was a few miles out from 25L because of the distance. What happened before and after that? I have heard nothing at all from any news source. PLEASE HELP!-Ryan

RE: Southwest Flight 885 Emergency....

Sun Jun 18, 2000 4:47 pm

I have heard nothing yet. I HOPE NOTHING BAD HAS HAPPENED!
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RE: Southwest Flight 885 Emergency....

Sun Jun 18, 2000 8:38 pm

Ryan - first rule in an emergency is FLY THE PLANE. Since this mornings paper had nothing in it about a plane crash in LA, I would be led to believe that it made an uneventful landing, much as the Canadian F28 did in Montreal earlier this week.
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RE: Southwest Flight 885 Emergency....

Mon Jun 19, 2000 5:06 am

Most likely a hydraulics failure (probably why he wanted the longest runway). However, 737's do have backup hydraulics, so if you heard nothing further on the news, everything's OK. We get those at MSY quite a few times a year. It happens more than you think.

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