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Delta Buying ASA??

Thu Feb 18, 1999 9:18 am

Hey,, is it really true that Delta is buying the rest of ASA? Do you think that the ticket prices will go up? (because if they do, then I'm screwed)
Any reply is greatly appreciated,
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RE: Delta bought ASA

Thu Feb 18, 1999 10:36 am

Yes Delta did buy out the rest of ASA.
I have no clue about the ticket prices but
my guess is that they will go up a little.
This could be one of the best mergers! It
helps both airlines! The pilot's are happy so
it should be a smooth merger. Your lucky!
Sounds like ASA might get a corporate make
over, Delta didn't like the way they where operating
in the offices and on the ramp. So look for Delta
to clean that up. I hope they keep the paint job!

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Fri Feb 19, 1999 2:40 am

No Camille : where did you get that news from ?

You know you’ve landed with the wheels up when it takes full power to taxi.
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to Andy

Fri Feb 19, 1999 8:02 am

Andy : From one of the guys that worked at NWA in Louisiana.

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