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Sesar Programme Is On Its Way

Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:49 am

Hello all,
The SESAR joint undertaking was revealed yesterday (11/06) in Jerusalem by European Commission representatives to Israeli companies and academia institutes involved in ATM projects and R&D.
This effort is the single European sky industrial and technological program budgeted in the sum of 16-20 billion Euros, of which Israel is annually entitled for 50 million Euros as part of the joint treaty for technology R&D program. The program has a strong involvement of the air transportation industry, led by Airbus. These include:
Users (such as AF, IB, LH, AEA, ERAA, IATA and IAOPA);
ANSP's (such as AENA, Austrocontrol, DFS, DSNA, ENAV, LFV, LVNL, NATS);
Airports (such as Aeroports de Paris, BAA, Fraport, Amsterdam, Munich);
Industry (such as Airbus, BAe Systems, Indra, Selex, Thales ATM and Thales Aviation).
This project is a planned as long term project started in March 2006 till the year 2020. This program has three phases:
1. Definition phase: 2006-2007. The result of this phase will be an ATM maseter plan which will include all technologies planned for development and implementation (phases 2 & 3);
2. Development phase: 2008-2013;
3. Implementation phase: 2014-2020.
Every 6 months a seminar will be held in IATA facilities in Geneva, Switzerland.

The project has the goal of implementing a lot of exciting technologies, such as:
1. High capacity digital and voice telecommunication between ground and aircraft;
2. Advanced traffic flow management systems;
3. Automated decision support tools for air traffic controllers;
4. Advanced and secure telecommunications network;
5. Advanced automated systems for optimized landings and takeoffs, and airport movements;
6. Wake turbulence detection systems;
7. Aircraft-based air traffic management in low density areas;
8. Active satellite navigation (EGNOS/Galileo) for all flight phases (e.g. take-offs, cruise, landing)
9. Lasers;
10. UAV knowledge;
11. Adaptation/conversion of advanced military systems for civil usage;
12. Airport security.

On the part of the European Commission came Mr. Olivier Onidi, Head of Unit, DG Tren, Mr. Patrick Ky, Air Transport Management Unit, and Mr. Bo Redeborn, Director, ATM Strategies, Eurocontrol.
From Israel attended some 30 company representatives, researchers (myself, for example), and consultants. The following companies and institutions gave a 10 minutes presentations:
Elbit (Air Division)
Trans Tech Control
Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)
Magna b.s.p.
Elbit (Security Division)

For more info you can check the following links:

Well? What do you think about this project?