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Airbus's A350 Rethink Splits Customer Opinion

Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:33 pm

It seems not everyone is exactly thrilled to see Airbus improving the A350.

Fair use excerpt:

Airlines with Airbus A350s on order have given a mixed response to the proposal to relaunch the aircraft with a raft of major improvements that will delay its entry into service by several years

I find it rather interesting that Finnair is making no fuss over the two year delay whatsoever:

Speaking to Flight International at the same event, Finnair’s new chief executive Jukka Hienonen said there were no plans to review the selection of the A350, despite the uncertainty. He said the airline is “pretty calm with the issue” of potentially extensive changes to the aircraft. While the timetable for introduction “might be a discussion subject”, he said that Finnair is a long-term customer of Airbus and has confidence in the manufacturer. “If Airbus has to redesign it, then it will only be a better aircraft,” said Hienonen, pointing out that Finnair has not been among those pressing for modifications. “We bought the aircraft as it was. The specification has not been changed because of our desires.”

Which planes does the Finnair's fleet consist of curently? They must be rather young planes, otherwise the airline would probably be less relaxed about the whole think. What are you thoughts on this?
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RE: Airbus's A350 Rethink Splits Customer Opinion

Wed Jun 14, 2006 2:27 am

They just got some 2nd hand A343s and also have new ones on order so they are fine till the A350/70 or whatever it will be appears.
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RE: Airbus's A350 Rethink Splits Customer Opinion

Wed Jun 14, 2006 3:22 am

I personally feel Airbus has gotten itself into a mess lately. First the rethink about the A350 and now the delays with the A380.

I hope it treads cautiously and focusses on the deliveries on hand rather than churning out new airplanes