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What Is The Worst Airport You Have Ever Been In?

Mon Jun 19, 2000 1:01 pm

The worst airport i have ever been in is Palm Springs International, i don't know why they call it that way, it is not certainly of that category. The airport is a mass, it's old and obsolete and needs a rebuilding procees emergently! with sure the worst airport ever!!!

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RE: What Is The Worst Airport You Have Ever Been In?

Mon Jun 19, 2000 1:15 pm

Has got to be Tumbes, Peru. We (family) arrived on Faucette airlines (when it was operating), the damn airport was one building. No tower (i didn't see it anywhere). Must have been in the mid 90s (degrees f) outside, and near 100 inside the miserable place. Baggage was late to come out of the aircraft and into the terminal, er I mean building. Everyone could see the ground crew just sitting there and watching the stupid plane and not doing their jobs. After our visit was up (about a week later); Our plane was 2 hours late (probably the pilots couldn't see the stupid runway, all there is is desert up there). No soft drink machine, no water fountains, nothing to relieve one selves thirst. In any event, the plane was full (727-200) and hot. We didn't get any relief until the plane was at cruise altitude. Did i mention that there are no taxi ways, just one runway. Although being a 3rd world country, this doesn't surprise me. Nevertheless, the airport at Tumbes is a joke.
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RE: What Is The Worst Airport You Have Ever Been In?

Mon Jun 19, 2000 1:44 pm

Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Don't get me wrong, it's the old one. Hot, dirty, old, expensive duty free shopping, bad staff....

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