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Change To US FFP Sign Of The Future?

Sun Jun 18, 2006 9:22 am

I was recently examining the new USAirways website and clicking onto
diferrent topics when I noticed in the Dividend Miles program information
that effective Dec 1st, all accumulated FFMs will expire after 18 months
of inactivity.

However, members can pay a $100 fee to extend the "life" of these miles
another 18 months; but after that 18-month period with no activity, they
will be permanently erased.

This replaces the 36-month rule that most major carriers have right now,
including US.

I have a feeling that because of the dramatic increase that airlines have
in regard to frequent flyer miles liability (ie credit cards, mortgages,dining,
in addition to miles earned by flying) other carriers will soon follow this

I personally won't be affected by this because I fly plenty throughout
the year, but I do know some that will be.

In fact, I would prefer that airlines reduce their FFM liability this way,
than to have them raise the mileage levels again for free tickets.

What would be the real buzzkill is to have them do both.
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