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Possible Modifications On B733 Due To Helios Crash

Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:37 am

Local Cypriot newspapers reported that Boeing may be asked to modify existing depressurization alert systems on B 737-300s.

This follows unconfirmed information that the report of the Greek FAA, apart from blaming the pilots for not checking the setting of the pressurization valve before taking off (was left on "manual"), recommends to Boeing to change the high cabin altitude alert signal so that it is not the same as the one occurring under certain circumstances during take off.

I am wondering, under what circumstances is a similar alarm sounding during take off? Can this be the key to the crash given that the instrument panel was overheating and an alarm was already sounding when the plane was well below 10000ft hence the pilots did not realise that there was a second alarm?

An explanation of anyone who is flying or knows more about B733 would be greatly appreciated.