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Forgeard's In The News

Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:00 pm

Just did a brief look at and there are about 340 articles from around the world related to Forgeard and his stock sales. Poor Forgeard seems to be getting more press than the 380, with lots of comments about it being his time to go.

It almost seems to be at a point where we could set up a pool on the date his departure is announced - everyone put in a Dollar or Pound or Euro with their guess of a date and the winner(s) share in the pool. Sad to say, but that's not really legal here.

While I haven't paid that much attention to Forgeard in the past the recent comments on this board (from a lot of different countries) seem to agree that it might be a good thing - especially if it gives Airbus an opportunity to re-invigorate their operations and directions.

Better than guessing a departure date would therefore be the traditionally unbiased speculations found on this board ( Smile ) on who could fill his shoes (better than he currently is) and the directions and achievements that would be their first order of business.